Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Blues

PhotobucketSo today was weigh in day... It's TOM and I had a little gain..... not bad considering all the water and stuff you retain during the month!!!

It was .2 lbs. My mom gained 1.6 lbs. We just keep trudging along... It's hard to change your life and move forward. I h
ope you all had a nice Mothers day. Photobucket We just went out for a early dinner at a inexpensive place. I ate good, I didn't overeat nor did I have anything bad!!!

My mom gave me $50 dollars.. I'm going to go buy a new workout video!!!


It combines cardio and strength training. I can kill 2 birds with one stone and workout less time. I just need a little kick start!!!Photobucket

I went back to work today. It wasn't too bad. I've got to go now.. I'm getting up as soon as James leaves, which is 3:30 AM!


thanks D!!


nancy said...

I guess losing weight is hard on all of us. I haven't done any walking myself lately. I will though. I guess its the positive attitudes and thoughts. Just hang in there it'll come. I just gained 2 lbs myself. I do drink green T after dinner. I only do one. I don't want to do the diet pills etc. I thinks all that stuffs not good for you no matter what we do. Take care. >>HUGS2U<< Nancy

Chris said...

I was wondering who TOM was for a second....sorry I'm slow;)