Saturday, November 15, 2008

What would you take???

Since the fires are creating havoc on California. We got to thinking...what would we take, if we needed to evacuate? The fires are 34, 20 and 15 miles from our house. I took my video camera and documented what I have here. I've decided that I would take the following.

1. Pictures, off the walls, off the tables, from my closet.
2. my computer. I have a ton of pics.
3. various items that I can't replace.

This is what I would take.


a corgi said...

stay safe!! I'm over in Temecula valley; none close to use yet, and hoping none are close to us

I would take my Bible and computer and a change of clothes or two if I had time (and of course the dog)


friedmsw said...

That is a tough question-and one I pray that you are not faced with for real.

I would take some family pictures, Chachi, food for her, my Bible, my iPod, medication, my computer if possible, change of clothes, money.

Heli gunner Tom said...

Actually, I have been in such a situation like that before. You ought to prepare a "Bug Out" kit/ bag, in case of emergency. I stock my 4 by 4 truck with some of those items, clothes, money,Bibles, food, water,etc., but also a big bag of the essentials. IF you had to carry everything on your back, 'what would you take ??' The Army has trained me well, but so has God. Priorities!
Also, think of ancient Lot and his family in the bible. It may be a hard call for some.

Warm Regards,
Tom, from Wisconsin.

Martha said...

How scary that they are that close! Please stay safe and get the heck out no matter what you have to leave behind if you're told to evacuate!

Linda said...

Well, whenever I was asked this question in the past, I always said I would take my pictures. But, when faced with our real fire in July....I took nothing but myself & the dog. I had my night gown on with no underwear and I was without shoes....standing in the driveway watching my house burn. When that moment came, and my house was filling with thick black smoke, our only thought was to GET OUT NOW...I thought of nothing else until I was outside watching. Who is to say how I would react next time....but I hope & pray I never have to.

Pooh Hugs,

Marie said...

I hope you stay safe as well. I think everyone needs to be prepared at all times to leave at a moment's notice no matter where they live. In these days and times you just never know when disaster will strike. Our church advocates 72 hour packs and admonishes each one of us to have one. You can find out alot of infomation about these if you google it.

Indigo said...

Adding my sentiments with everyone else's I hope you stay safe. As for what I would take, my animals. I wouldn't have room for anything else. (Hugs)Indigo