Thursday, November 6, 2008


So, how does Gmail work? anyone have it? I'd like to start moving away from AOL. I wanted to get a gmail account, but it wants to become my primary account here at google. what happens to my blog??? nothing?? anything? I couldn't find any answers over at gmail. can anyone help???


Sharon said...

I'm hearing from my computer guru that Gmail is great...we all fear that aol is going to combust and become more google anyway. I may just make it my primary before long.
Hi I'm Sharon coming to you from Martha's blog!!

swmpgrly said...

If you find out let me know.
I only stuck with AOL because the browser email was easy to use and the Journals

Zomboid said...


Does it work? :D

friedmsw said...

Do you have music playing on your blog? While I was reading your post. I heard the theme from "Rocky". I would like to hear about what you find out about gmail. I know some people who have hotmail. However, I do not know anyone who has gmail.

ELLIE said...

gmail is easy to use and yes that means that gmail and blogger and google will all be one sign on - keeps things simple - so makeit your primary - it will be fine!! nothing will happen with your blog..