Sunday, August 2, 2009

Slow.... but I love my bodybugg..

Should have bought my bodybugg before I went to Jenny Craig.. now I have to go, since I have so much money invested in it.

I do like the breakfasts and lunches, and have no problem sticking to that.... It's dinner that I want to eat with my family, I mean if I'm gonna cook it, I want to eat it.

I do need to move more.. I really need to get back into exercising again.. I think that would really get my weight loss to really move.

This week was a .4 loss... which as James says... a loss is a loss... so far the total is 11.5 lost. Have to go to the market today and Wal-mart and I have to wash my car.. anything to keep my body moving!!! need to add more activity!!

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Julie said...

I am moving pretty good but not eating as well.. Portions portions portions.