Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thank God.....


Thank you Lord... God is good....

It seems that I have high blood pressure, but the doctor is going to let me see what happens in 2 months. I will have lost more weight by then. I then am hoping that my blood pressure will be lower. It was lower today than it was the last time I was there.. So, I am praying that I can stop this before it becomes an issue. I don't want to take meds!

I do get to work out. He said I could walk. I'd like to just start working out again. I won't be going to the gym, I have plenty of workout DVD's here at home.

Still a little frustrated, cause we (not the doctor, he didn't seem concerned) don't know why my heart is doing this. It's not doing this alot... but it's still scary. I mean, the way that it beats and stuff, is all normal, according to the tests.
There was no abnormal rhythm.

So, that is all good news. I am so grateful for that!!! I'll start with my favorite trainer Tony Horton (who's in his 50's)

click here

and mix it up with Gilad!! (I think he's also in his 50's)

click here

He's also good and fun! So on that note, I am going to start off slow and hopefully it will help my weight loss. Thanks for all the support. I really appreciate it.


Thanks D!!!


Anonymous said...

I have high bp...but i cant take the meds they wanted me to, two of them made me cough really bad! I take only a diuretic, this seems to work to get me out of the "dying" category and put me in the "hypertensive category" LOL just kidding. Its actually my diastolic number that is bad, I took my bp today and it was 115/87...that is really low for me!
All my other tests came out ok though low cholesterol and triglycerides so they think though I AM a little chubby, it might be just a hereditary thing since my skinny dad is on bp med and has been for 20 years. I dont want to be though so trying to figure out what to do (besides lose weight...which has to help a little bit!!!)
Good luck, you can do it!

Vicky said...

I'm glad u r ok...take care of yourself :) love v
PS> p90x is going great I left pics for 30 day let me know what u think...still haven't gotten hubby to start I'm working on it