Tuesday, October 7, 2008

AOL moving our journals

Hi Guys,

SOooooooooo, does anyone know if they are moving private journals over from AOL???

Has anyone done a paste and copy??? if so, how long????

I'm debating on whether to move my private journals or not.... I may let them go into the black hole forever!!! :-)



swmpgrly said...

I dont have a private one but they can have the one I had...lol

Linda said...

I think what you have to do for Private journals is make them public for the few moments it takes to transfer them, then make it private again on both places. The transfer of both of mine went quite easily!

Pooh Hugs,

Vicky said...

I am sticking to me new journal I did swap my old ones over but, I am keeping them private only I can read them but, now at least I have the info. it was very quick to do V

Zomboid said...

YEAH! Your bloggy looks cool now!! Yay! Is that music in the background [can't tell because I have my own music on]? Purdy neat :D

BnTsMama said...

Whew...finally found my way here : )