Wednesday, October 15, 2008

AOL journals and comments

So, I See that some people are having problems with their journals.. some can't move theirs over, some are losing comments... some aren't... Does anyone know how they moved their journal over and the comments followed??? I've heard some people did manual moves... can someone send me the instructions on that??? anyhoo!!! I hope everyone is settling into their new homes.... Thanks to anyone who gives me any knowledge on the AOL debacle..


Marie said...

MIne moved no problem, but none of it published so I am having to go through it, one entry at a time and publish them. Long and painstaking work as there are over 650 entries! I have kept it private for now.

ELLIE said...

I moved mine over and had no problems and had it all published with no problems - the directions are pretty easy but apparently some are having some major problems because it is not making it over - but I have no idea why or what is different in their cases then mine - if you still need instructions sent to me from aol about moving your journal email me and i will forward them to you!
take care

D said...

magic smoke has the link and the instructions. I still have not had any luck getting mine to go :(

Anonymous said...

I tried to just out right delete mine and it wouldnt delete. It said that there was a problem with AOL journals. I tried on two different occasions weeks apart and the same thing happened both times.