Tuesday, August 20, 2013

a e-mail from MOM about her Grandkids.

Have been meaning to tell you how wonderful it was when Stephi & Chris came out together when I picked them up for the book store.

They are incredibly good looking, and are so in tune and happy together.  The word that comes to mind is impressive.  They came out smiling  and chatting, completely unaware of the stunning picture they make.  Took my breath away for a second.

Then later at home I thought of how close these two have always been.  How well they have done when they are in tune. I remember when Stephi would go to Miss Jane & help w/the kids when they came out of  their naps and how she was there for Chris.  

Now, that Stephi has matured, Chris is gravitating to her as he always has and it is a beautiful thing to see but should not be surprising.  If anyone will keep Chris to his ambitions, it will be his sister.  

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