Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving


This year, I am taking it off. I am not cooking or cleaning or anything of that nature. It's been a rough year for me and my dear mother suggested that we just go out. So that is what we will do. Photobucket My sisters will join us and then we shall go to my parents house to watch a stand up comedian. My mom wanted to watch George Lopez, but we've seen that so many times, that we suggested,

Gabriel Iglesias - Hot And Fluffy

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. On Friday, my hubby is taking me out to see

(yep... that's Los Angeles... look at those palm trees)



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Anonymous said...

how was the show? We've gone out for thanksgiving before and the only thing we missed was the we bought a turkey and cooked it the next day! Ha ha
Happy Thanksgiving!