Friday, March 27, 2009

High blood pressure????

Who me???? Apparently. As some of you already know, I joined a gym. Well actually we all did. James doesn't really need it, but the kids and I do. So I bucked it up and forked out money for us to go. We were going as a family and really enjoying it. Steph has already seen some progress and she's happy. I found out that I really enjoy walking on the treadmill, with my disco music on my IPOD... great... love the classes also...

Everything was going along, just fine and dandy.. Had gone and gotten a full physical and everything came back perfect, except for low iron... Me anemic... to look at me, you'd say.. You have got to be kidding me... Anyway... James got a new job and Steph is going to start driving and going to college and Chris is getting into the high school it's been busy. A couple of weeks ago, I had a couple of incidents at the gym. I was working out and all of a sudden thought I was going to pass out. Now, when I work out, I have a heart rate monitor... just to make sure that I'm working in the zone and NOT overdoing it... (too afraid that I'll have a heart attack, especially since my father had one at 47)

So, it really scared me, since my heart rate was jumping way high and I couldn't figure out why.. So I went to the doctor and he told me that I have high blood pressure, and he is sending me to a cardiologist to make sure that nothing else is going on. He told me that I have to stop going to the gym until I see the specialist. I also found out the my iron dropped even more, since October... so now I am now on iron pills. My doctor feels that once I get the iron under control and get the high blood pressure under control, that the heart issue will go away. I go see the doctor on Tuesday.

Needless to say, it's time to lose this weight. Vicky, I'm going to Jenny Craig.. Once I get going on that, I'll probably need your advice and help and try to incorporate WW into my life, if you still will help me out and throw some tips and advice my way!! I just feel that WW right now, is too much work and that Jenny Craig is just a no-brainer.. It's just buy and eat their food. I thought about going back to Nutri-system, and that was just making my stomach do flip flops!!! Gwen, I know you know all about THAT!!!! My mom is going with me. As of right now, we are doing 6 weeks for $36.00.

My goal is to lose around 90 lbs. James eventually will be working nights and it will be the kids and me alone again... It's ok, with the new job, James got a nice I can't complain... Besides I have you guys!!!

Thanks for everything, and I'll keep you all posted on what happens and my progress!


Marie said...

How scary for you!! I found out I had high blood pressure when I was about 41. I thought I was having a heart attack. In the hospital they gave me nitro. My blood pressure was like 230 over 169, outrageous! They ended up putting me on tablets. Before that I had been feeling really crappy lots of the time. The tablets gave me back my life. I still need to lose weight though. Very difficult when you work with food! Thanks for popping by my blog and pointing me back in your direction! I have missed you!!

Connie said...

In the same boat here, high BP..overweight...Dr. said my thyroid is low and on meds for that and it causes the weight..nice...least theres an excuse,lol..really though ..I need to lose...this isn't 'me'..good luck ..hope everything gets under control

Julie said...

I have good blood pressure but my weight is out of control again. I was thinking of Jenny Craig, are they good? Take care.

Vicky said...

Of Course I will help you....whenever you are ready...whatever you need.