Saturday, December 20, 2008

e-mail.......and other stuff

So, I have you all know...BUT... how do I reply to people who don't have their e-mails posted on their blog??? Is there a better way to have people subscribe to my blogger???? What do you do???

SO, here I am on my first day of vacation...well, not my first day, cause Sat and Sun don't count... but I don't have to go back to work til the 5th of January!!!! Photobucket We are still debating on whether to go to the cabin or stay home.. there is snow on at the cabin.... Photobucket
but Steph is sick... too bad, cause her boyfriend is here in town from Seattle and she's sleeping... good thing Chris and Aaron get along...

OH!!! I got one of my Christmas p
resents early!!!!

Our elliptical died.... so, we got a new one!!!

Thanks D!!! love the tags...


kelly said...

elliptical? sounds like some kind of fit I would have if I got on one...LOL... I hope you enjoy your vacation.. wishing you and yours Happy Holidays...and a Healthy New Year...

Lisa L. said...

What a cool machine!!! I bet it makes a good clothes hanger. LOL! I would go to the cabin. I am sure Steph will feel better soon, especially since her boyfriend is there (and when did she get a boyfriend!?). Enjoy your long vacation!!!!

Chris said...

Enjoy your time off:)